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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Q & A: How to Create an Online Wedding RSVP

Reader Question: I know you had a friend create an html code for the RSVP form on your wedding website - would you know where I might find a preset html code for such a site? Or if anyone responded to you with helpful hints on that front? We're trying to do the same and would love some advice.

In fact, we're getting ready to do the same thing for our baby shower! We're going to send out postcard invitations and include a link for an online RSVP. Let me take a second to go get that process started, so I can write step-by-step directions...

Okay, here's how I created an online RSVP form:
  1. Log into Google Docs (or create an account)
  2. In the upper left-hand corner, click on "Create New"-->Form
  3. From there, the process is pretty self-explanatory. First, you create a title and add a description, if you like.
  4. Then, you add each question. You have multiple formats to choose from, including drop-down menus, short text responses, longer paragraph responses, matrices, etc. You can easily rearrange the order of any of the questions by dragging the question to the desired spot.
  5. When you're done, you can click on "More actions"-->Embed to copy the HTML code.
  6. Finally, you paste the code into your website. For my baby shower RSVP, I had to edit the size of the frame. I simply decreased the default width until it fit nicely within my page.
  7. The amazing thing about Google docs forms is that they automatically generate an Excel spreadsheet to track the responses. You can click on "See responses"-->Spreadsheet or "See responses"-->Summary for different views of the information.

I hope that helps! I promise I am not secretly sponsored by Google. I just find their free products so helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Rebecca said...

Another great resource for instructions on how to create a form, and if you're up for it creating your entire site, is Peachpit Press' HTML, XHTML & CSS by Elizabeth Castro, 2007. Great introductory resource to learning and creating site coding and available at most public libraries.

Kristin said...

I use www.mywedding.com for my wedsite and there is a RSVP page built in- if that helps!

Kathleen said...

Offbeat Bride also has free wedding websites, which might be worth looking into as well. Well, at least for people like me who have minimal computer skills.

Autumn said...

I used the free Google website maker to create our wedding website. It's the most flexible, but it's better than picking from templates and it really is easy. We were able to make it exactly the style we were going for and even had a mini blog section going.

For the RSVPs I used SurveyGizmo, which is free as well, and can break down responses into pie charts and stuff (chicken vs. beef, etc.)

tlguthrie said...

thank you sara! this is very helpful.

Profesora M said...

I used/am using a Google doc form for our wedding RSVP. It's working great with our friends, but we haven't had many family members reply yet. We think it may be due to them being intimidated by using technology (that said, we did send paper invites to people who we know won't use technology). Just something to think about! Also, it's great because it populates a list with all the info that's easy to read!

SarahKu said...

Hi Autumn! I would love to see your website if you are up to sharing! Currently in WordPress hell as I thought there was a form plugin but it's only available on WordPress.org

so I'm considering starting over in Google if you say its so simple and easy to create a website there?!

This is mine for the time being.. but the free widgets dont do the job for me and I don't like the templates that wedding websites give... Yeah super picky

Thanks again!

Kate said...

Hi Sara, I just wanted to let you know that I am currently making the RSVP form for my own wedding invites and heard about this awesome resource from your site. Thank you!

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