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Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Links: 1/20/11

Vanilla Caramel Cupcakes from The Parsley Thief

By Anna-Marie

Hello out there in Blog Land! My wife’s birthday is this week, and I’ve had things she likes on my mind (like sea turtles, caramel, and VSQ). And so, in the spirit of wedding possibilities, here are this week’s links:

Adopt a Sea Turtle

If you’re an animal lover hoping to donate in lieu of favors, the WWF’s Species Adoption may be just the thing. Your donation comes with a plush sea turtle who could adorn your dessert or guest book table, along with a note to your guests. If you’re more inclined toward the black-footed ferret or the arctic fox, fear not: there are more than a hundred species up for adoption, from red pandas to pink river dolphins.

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting

My wife is a hard-core caramel lover; I like the flavor of caramel but not the stickiness. This is one recipe we can both get excited about. These struck me as great for a shower, rehearsal dinner, or small wedding, but maybe a little ambitious to DIY for a bigger wedding; then again, there are a lot of baking rock-stars out there...

Wedding Catering on the Move

Food Trucks are all the rage nowadays (The Food Network even made a show about them), and they’re definitely making their way into the wedding world as a quirky (and often economical) option. Check out this wonderful array. Los Angelenos: Has anyone tried the Grilled Cheese Truck? Their menu looks amazing, and they cater.

The History Behind Wedding Superstitions

So much for black magic calla lilies: apparently early bridal bouquets were herbs meant to deter malevolent spirits. One of our ceremony witnesses was the best fencer my wife knows—appropriate, since the best man was historically the most skilled swordsman among the groom’s friends. Moral of the story: keep the traditions you connect with, don't worry about the ones you don’t. If a white dress isn’t your thing, don’t wear one—before Queen Victorian, few brides did.

Tree Seedling Favors

Matt and Sara’s beautiful tree-planting ceremony got me thinking about other ways to bring trees into a wedding: As brides take an eco-conscious view of their big day, seedlings are cropping up as favors. The Magnolia Company will match you with oak seeds that will take root and thrive in your region.

River Rock Place Cards

If you grew up near a stream, or the love of your life taught you to skip stones, what could be more meaningful? River rocks can be purchased at garden supply stores, but for a small wedding, you could also gather stones during a hike or camping trip. Just make sure the park, forest, or wilderness area doesn’t restrict or prohibit removing them (if they do, it usually because the ecosystem is fragile).

The Vitamin String Quartet

If your partner's more Ravel and you’re more Rolling Stones (or the other way around), this may be a great option. The “Modern Wedding Collection” and the “Gothic Wedding Collection” offer good mixes, and you’ll find many of your favorites in their by-artist albums.

When Anna isn’t searching the blogs, she’s writing romance stories, cooking for her wife, or freelancing as a cake decorator and floral designer.

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Sara E. Cotner said...

Oh, man. I want those cupcakes for breakfast! Thanks for sharing, Anna-Marie!

Anonymous said...

I love the links! I also love romance novels...do you have one published?

Anna said...

Sara--they look amazing, don't they? I wholeheartedly advocate cupcakes for breakfast.

Anonymous--no novels yet (one day hopefully!), but I have some short stories out. If you have a favorite romance novel, let me know; I love reading recommendations!

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