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Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Links: 1/27/11

Photo from a backyard wedding

Anna-Marie, here, with your weekly links. A great wedding vendor can be worth every penny, particularly if you think DIY should be a four-letter word (I’m great in the kitchen, but hand me a glue gun and I’m a little lost). That said, this week we’re looking at a few things traditionally left to pros, but that a few brides are enjoying trying with the help of family and friends:

Bow Bracelets for Your Bridesmaids

If you’d love to give your partners in peau de soie a handmade accessory, these snap-on bracelets are cute, classic, and can be made in any color you like.

DIY Wedding Bouquet

More on DIY flowers in a future post, but if the idea seems overwhelming, this is a great place to start. The blush peonies and pink ranunculus are just gorgeous together, but you can also use any flowers in your favorite colors.

The Leaping Bunny

Doing your own wedding make-up is best for the bride who’s already comfy with cosmetics, or can enlist a friend who is. A great perk: you can pick the lipstick and blush, and know what’s in them (if you’re allergic) and that they’re not tested on animals. The Leaping Bunny is a shopping guide for cruelty-free products, with a section devoted to cosmetics. Look for brands you know and love (Hard Candy, The Body Shop), or find a new favorite.

Gathering Dishes

For an at-home wedding, this bride had a blast finding dishware at yard sales and thrift shops instead of renting them. Here’s her recap from start to finish.

Being Your Own Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can be a great asset to the process of pulling together the big day. But if one’s not in the cards (or budget), here are a few tips from an event professional.


When Anna isn’t searching the blogs, she’s writing romance stories, cooking for her wife, or freelancing as a cake decorator and floral designer.

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