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Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Links: 1/6/11

Cherries from The Graphics Fairy

Hello out there in Blog Land! I’m Anna-Marie, domestic princess (not quite to goddess yet) and sometimes-crafter. I’m a bride-to-be as well as a wife (more on that later), and an addict of blogs, both wedding and otherwise. Here are a couple links I’ve had bookmarked for my own wedding and a couple I’ve found this week.

DIY Aqua Mason Jars

In love with old-time blue Mason jars, but lacking the time to scour the flea markets or funds to buy them online? Here’s the next best thing to real vintage glass.

Paper Peonies

There’s nothing like the fluff and frills of a peony, and here’s a great way to have a reminder of them all year round. I’ve seen a few brides make tissue paper bouquets that now sit in vases in their homes, a little piece of their wedding they get to see every day.

The Too-Good Marriage

Give your relationship a break: here's why the perfect marriage usually isn’t.

Pristine Planet

I stumbled on this site during my holiday shopping. They compare prices for thousands of products from candles to children’s toys, all from environmentally responsible merchants.

Maple Roasted Acorn Squash

Short days and cold weather call for simple, wholesome cooking; I just picked up a beautiful acorn squash from my local market, and I can’t wait to try out this recipe.


Sara has talked about World Centric, which has a great selection of biodisposable dishware and utensils. Taterware is another good option for when disposable is the only or the most practical option; the website also gives a concise explanation of the differences between biodegradable, biocompostable, and recyclable.

The Graphics Fairy

With vintage graphics ranging from sweet to gothic, the Graphics Fairy offers free clip art of drawings, photographs, and borders. Imagine a man-in-the-moon trade card to give an invitation a Victorian feel, 1920s postcards of radishes and leeks for menus, or pink and blue hydrangeas on a thank you card.


When Anna-Marie isn’t on the blogs, she’s writing romance stories, cooking for her wife, or freelancing as a cake decorator and floral designer.

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Chris Wolfgang said...

Thanks for the link on blue mason jars! I can't believe that it can be as simple as that ... i'll probably mess it up somehow, but i've got to give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

great links! this is a brilliant idea! i love getting a sneak peak at a variety of things!

Kristen (kristenwalker.com) said...

I LOVE the graphics fairy. I just discovered her a few months ago, and couldn't live without her site now.


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