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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flashback: Past Posts from Our Wedding Planning Process

Three years ago in January, Matt and I started our wedding planning. Here are some of the highlights from the first part of January:
  • January 1: We are optimistic about making our $2,000 budget work, even after watching an episode of "Rich Bride, Poor Bride," where the "poor bride" was working with a $15,000 budget. Argh!
  • January 3: We take a stab at generating our initial budget (which doesn't even have room for a Miscellany category(!), reminding ourselves that a wedding is one special day in a long line of many.
  • January 4: We face frustration as we try to secure a venue within our budget. Oy vey!
  • January 7: Matt shares some of the familial difficulty we faced during our wedding planning process.
  • January 11: I walk through my dress progression from "I want a REAL wedding dress" to "I'll settle for a $20 sundress from Target."
  • January 22: I talk through how we opted for budget-friendly and eco-friendly wedding invitations.

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