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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the News: What Makes a Good Marriage?

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Yessssssssss! I love when mainstream media focuses on asking and answering questions about what it means to have sustainable and satisfying relationships. So much of what we see on wedding-related TV is about the drama, the fairytale, the absurdity. We need more productive conversation about our relationships, our values, and what it takes to sustain a joyful, lifelong commitment to another person.

This article from the New York Times talks about the idea of "self-expansion." When our partners help us become better people, we are more likely to have "sustainable" and satisfying marriages.

There's even a quiz you can take to assess the extent to which your relationship contributes to your self-expansion. (I guess I haven't outgrown my pre-teen obsession with taking quizzes to find out more about myself...)

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Kristine said...

Apparently I haven't grown out of the pre-teen quiz obsession either. Thanks for posting this!

Kelsey said...

I read this on Sunday and thought it made a lot of sense. I like the way it portrays a happy couple as one that allows each individual to grow, which leads to growth and strenthening as a couple. It's so important to have both separate and shared interests.

Adventures Along The Way said...

Yes, I also really liked that article!

Moxie said...

How funny--I was reading that article and it made me think of your blog. So I came over here, and saw this post!

Agree with Kristine that quiz-taking is fun!

Ms. Bunny said...

I rad that article too and loved it! Exactly what we are aiming for.

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