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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vistaprint Recommendation

I've hosted Vistaprint contests in the past because I know lots of budget-conscious couples go that route for their stationary needs, but I had never actually used them myself.

I decided to get real postcards printed for our baby shower, and Vistaprint was a natural choice, especially because I had a special for "free postcards." If you sign up for their e-mails, they will inundate you with these kinds of specials!

My one complaint about the company is the fact that "free" never means free with them. By the time I had uploaded my own images for the front and the back and included the cost of shipping, my "free" 100 postcards cost approximately $25. They would have cost an additional $5 if I had upgraded to a color photo on the back (which I was tempted to do, but I resisted the pull to spend even more money...).

However, everything else about my experience was wonderful. I was very impressed with the quality of the printed images. I couldn't have asked for a higher quality. The designing and ordering process was pretty straight-forward, and the delivery time was fine.

I created a free blog and used a Google form to allow guests to RSVP (which I explained here). The process was so simple!

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rosemeg said...

Hurrah! I ordered Save the Date postcards from Vistaprint last night. "Free," just $11.99 to use recycled paper, and then the image fee and shipping...I started to get discouraged by money spent at the end, but opted to just go for it. Happy to see this endorsement after making that decision.

Also, I had some text on the back, but am planning to run the cards through my home printer for the address. I saved my $4.99 and plan to print that text while I print my addresses. Crossing fingers for my printer to hold up!

artdecodiamonds said...

You know whenever i read or see free it always costs me more!

Lisa B. said...

But be aware with Vista Print, they still print their advertisement on the cards. I ordered Christmas cards from them - not using one of the million emails they send for free cards, but rather paid full price - and was a bit peeved that on the back they'd printed "Vista print . com"... I think if I'm paying for something, they don't get to include free advertising for themselves.

Not sure if other things are like that with that company, but their Christmas cards have that, and it's not an option to not have the logo.

Amanda said...

oh i love vista prints! we used them for our wedding invites and i've used them for business cards and christmas cards too!! always really good quality for your money i find!

Stephanie Arnett said...

One more contender--I used Cat Prints to make our Save the dates because they'll even do a odd number run--32 or 127 etc. The quality was good, plenty of chices and no ads.

Gangsta Bride said...

BAAHAHAHAH I love that invite with the bowling ball. SO hilarious.

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