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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Need Wedding Help?

Photo by Nick Martinez

I would like to take a moment to shower Anna-Marie (pictured above) with accolades and affection (and maybe cupcakes if we lived in the same city).

Anna-Marie is the sleuth behind the "First Comes Love, Then Comes Links" series on 2000 Dollar Wedding. She is also the author of one of my favorite guest posts of all time: Apology of a Wedding-Obsessed Bride. If you haven't read it yet, grab a Kleenex and then click the link!

Every other week, she scours the internet looking for useful and interesting things to share with kindred spirits over here at 2000 Dollar Wedding. And, sadly, she doesn't get paid a thing! As you probably noticed, 2000 Dollar Wedding is an advertisement-free site. I figure you already get enough of the Wedding Industrial Complex.

I very much appreciate Anna-Marie's regular contributions to this site. Sending virtual smooches your way, Anna-Marie!

Recently, she had the idea that she could scour the internet looking for things you need. For example, I once got a request for "shooting range" ideas for a seriously awesome wedding.

If you are planning a wedding with a particular theme, let Anna-Marie know and she can work her link magic. Or maybe you would like a round-up of DIY photobooth ideas? Or bunting? The sky's the limit!

Anna-Marie is your gal. Put her search skills to the test by sending her a Request for Links!

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