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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Thousand Thank Yous

Wow. What an amazing community of kindred spirits. I want to thank the dozens of smart, insightful, articulate women who volunteered to write guest posts for 2000 Dollar Wedding, so that I could immerse myself in the cocoon of my new family (Henry arrived on February 28).

I spent the whole month of January poring over your words, as I scheduled all of the posts to run during February and March (I didn't know he was going to be two weeks late!). I so enjoyed your diverse insights and experiences.

Thank you for giving me the gift of time with my expanding family and for giving this community the gift of your lessons learned.

I would love to continue showcasing your insights on 2000 Dollar Wedding with one guest post per week. If you have a topic you are interested in writing about, please e-mail me! I'm also willing to re-publish something you posted to your personal blog (please, I am looking for real readers and kindred spirits--not people just trying to promote products).

Looking forward to continuing to showcase your experiences! (And to those of you who submitted posts that haven't run yet: Don't worry! There are still more guest posts on the way!)

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Mary said...

It looks like the little prince is learning to self-soothe with his own little digit. Good for him. It's convenient and he can't drop it on the floor.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Mary! It's very rare that it actually makes it into his mouth. And the little prince woke up approximately five minutes into that nap!

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