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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dress Giveaway!

Hooray! I am honored to announce that 2000 Dollar Wedding kindred spirit, Casandra, wants to give her stunningly beautiful wedding dress to one of you! Here's the scoop from Casandra:

Aaron and I are high school sweethearts. We got married on June 12, 2010 after being in love for 9 years! Our wedding (and reception) was held at a community center in nearby Old Town Alexandria. Our moms graciously helped us host a casual midday ceremony and reception that was so "us." Because it was a family affair, the wedding planning process was definitely a test of our ability to remain flexible and compromise. Important to him (and the moms): We had a Christian ceremony led by Aaron's long-time pastor. Important to me: A fun, low stress casual day with as many eco-conscious choices (compostable tableware, minimal stationary, electronic RSVP, location accessible via public transportation, locavore catering). Our wedding day was a win, win, win for all involved. Many of our guests told us it was the most fun they had had at a wedding. Mission accomplished!

I want to give my dress away to a like-minded bride (or as Sara]would say, "a kindred spirit"). I'd like the next bride who wears this dress to be a person who is entering into marriage mindfully, by seeing through the wedding industry's hype to make choices that suit her values.
Feel free to check out their wedding website or see more photos from the wedding.

Here's the scoop on the dress:

Size 4, White, hemmed (I'm 5'5" and wore 2.5 inch wedge heels with the dress)

Product Description: You'll look and feel fabulous in this long, flowing goddess dress. The soft charmeuse design features straps that cross and drape elegantly in the back. The empire waist and flattering silhouette make this dress perfect for any special occasion! Available in Ivory or White. Double lined. Side zip. Imported polyester. Dry clean only.

Enter to win by:
  • Leaving a comment about why you would like this dress. Please include your e-mail address so we can contact you if you are chosen.

We will accept entries until Casandra feels like there's a good match. You'll just be responsible for reimbursing Casandra for shipping. She paid $40 for shipping, but she will try to keep it as inexpensive as possible!

Happy Entering!

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Anonymous said...

I love your dress i live in little new zealand and have searched high and low over the world and still unsure but looking at your dress this is so ataahua (maori word for beautiful) :) :)

je suis emily. said...

I would love, love, love that dress! Some background on me -- I'm a medical student marrying a Teach for America alumni teacher who's now teaching at an inner-city charter school in Chicago. We were college sweethearts (we met one month into my freshman year!) and I can't wait to marry him.

That being said, the wedding planning is really, really tough. We're committed to having a ceremony-centric wedding, and really want to highlight our faith and our community. For us, this means having lots of things to do during the wedding weekend for out of town guests (I'm from rural PA, so everyone will be out-of-town!), having a reception that is fun and easy and environmentally sustainable, and hopefully booking an in-town band and photobooth, as well as child care options, so that all of our dear, dear friends can have a great time and know that their sacrifice in coming so far away is appreciated and that we are so thankful.

So, all of that being said, in the vein of being sustainable, I was hoping to wear my mother's old dress from the 80s with some minor alterations. I tried it on a few months ago -- it's not gonna happen. There's really no way to alter it to make it work, according to my seamstress. And, based on our really, really low budget -- we have about 100$ budgeted for alterations of a dress, and no dress budget at all.

I would be so excited to win this dress! It's exactly what I was thinking I wanted, and you look gorgeous in it. After watching the "royal wedding" last week, I realized that as much as everyone's advice about weddings and the WIC's ideas of what's "a necessity" annoy me, I still want to feel like a fairy tale that day. And I think, as a medical student in a recycled dress at a cheap wedding going on a donated honeymoon? That's exactly my kind of fairy tale. :)

Future Mrs. C said...

You are such a wonderful person to give your wedding to dress to someone. I wish I was a size 4! But I am not. Your wedding looked fabulous. Congrats to you all!!

Randa said...

I am not that size but I wanted to say that this is so sweet of you! I love your bouquet too - very ingenious. :0]

Katy K said...

What a great ending to a fabulous wedding! So many people debate what to do with their dress - and I think that this is a fantastic idea.

There are probably PLENTY of women who could use and are deserving of this dress, but I figured that I ended up on this page for a reason and should at least give it a shot.

John and I have been together for almost 2 years and are planning a 2012 wedding. We're thrilled, but we're also young and paying for most of the wedding ourselves, so we're getting creative wherever we can. For me, it's a mixed experience because it will be my second wedding, so while I want everything to be "perfect" for us because mark my word it will be my LAST wedding, :) I also don't want to spend all of our money on a one-day ceremony and celebration.

My daughter, Maddie, is 7 and couldn't be more thrilled to help with the wedding planning. She and John also couldn't love each other more and it's so excited to have a "family" wedding - truly 2 families becoming one. When I read your story, I saw how much you valued both of your families and wanted to write you about mine. Sure, I could spend $2,000 on a dress, but I think this would be much more meaningful. And the most exciting/ironic part? I'm even a size 4.

Whatever and whomever you decide should receive your dress, it will be right. Blessings to you and on your new marriage!

StephanieC said...

Kudos to you for such a thoughtful, unselfish wedding and gesture!

I bought my dress off the clearance rack, so I am not in need, but love your idea.

If all else fails, many charities also accept gowns for cancer research, less fortunate or ill brides who are spending their money on medical treatment, and other places to donate to.

Congrats once again. You look stunning!!

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