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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dress Connection

Hooray! A dress connection has been made!

Remember when Casandra decided to give away her lovely wedding dress? She said:

I want to give my dress away to a like-minded bride (or as Sara would say, "a kindred spirit"). I'd like the next bride who wears this dress to be a person who is entering into marriage mindfully, by seeing through the wedding industry's hype to make choices that suit her values.

Well, she found that person in Emily. Emily said:

I would love, love, love that dress! Some background on me -- I'm a medical student marrying a Teach For America alumni teacher who's now teaching at an inner-city charter school in Chicago. We were college sweethearts (we met one month into my freshman year!) and I can't wait to marry him.

That being said, the wedding planning is really, really tough. We're committed to having a ceremony-centric wedding, and really want to highlight our faith and our community. For us, this means having lots of things to do during the wedding weekend for out of town guests (I'm from rural PA, so everyone will be out-of-town!), having a reception that is fun and easy and environmentally sustainable, and hopefully booking an in-town band and photobooth, as well as child care options, so that all of our dear, dear friends can have a great time and know that their sacrifice in coming so far away is appreciated and that we are so thankful.

So, all of that being said, in the vein of being sustainable, I was hoping to wear my mother's old dress from the 80s with some minor alterations. I tried it on a few months ago -- it's not gonna happen. There's really no way to alter it to make it work, according to my seamstress. And, based on our really, really low budget -- we have about 100$ budgeted for alterations of a dress, and no dress budget at all.

I would be so excited to win this dress! It's exactly what I was thinking I wanted, and you look gorgeous in it. After watching the "royal wedding" last week, I realized that as much as everyone's advice about weddings and the WIC's ideas of what's "a necessity" annoy me, I still want to feel like a fairy tale that day. And I think, as a medical student in a recycled dress at a cheap wedding going on a donated honeymoon? That's exactly my kind of fairy tale. :)

I couldn't be more happy for Emily and more appreciative of Casandra's donation. Now I'll leave it to the two of them to work out shipping.

Emily, be sure to send us a picture after your wedding!

To Everyone Else: if you have a lovely dress you would like to pass along to a kindred spirit, please let me know! Unfortunately, I can't feature every dress that comes my way, since I like to space them out, but definitely be in touch!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay and I'm so happy for the bride. I love her wedding story.

My fiance and I are going with the same route ourselves for the wedding. Our cater is a family owned business, our DJ owns his own business. He works full time at a bank. The bartneder will be my brothers friend. The photograher is going to be my moms old high school classmates dauhter. She takes pictures on the side. I love supporting local business and helping the eviroment as well.

Half of the things that will also be used at our wedding will be free. They are things I already own. :)

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