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Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Tour

Created by Ben Becker

I've been wanting to do a virtual tour of our house for a while now (perhaps to help me feel like a bona fide blogger?). However, I never seemed to muster the motivation to do it, probably because I don't feel like our house is finished.

But then I got a request in the comments section of this post from WilderMiss to post a tour of my house. And then I got an e-mail from reader Emily letting me know that she's moving to Houston and would be interested in looking at our house.

After Matt and I organized and cleaned our house for Emily's visit, I asked my professional photographer friend, Ben, to snap a few shots for our MLS listing. He was coming over anyway with his wife Sarah and their daughter Ellie Cate to get a mini-lesson about how to do Montessori in the home.

Ben took our little request ("One shot of each room will be great, Ben.") and proceeded to inject it with growth hormone. We ended up with tons of photos and a video to boot!

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Sara said...

I would purchase your house in a second if I had any reason to move to Texas! Beautiful job making your house a home :)

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful!I Love the decorating! Your home feels so cozy and warm. :)

Therese T. said...

What a wonderful video, and such a neat house!

Sparkle said...

Awesome place! The details are all so great, and it's so organized, shocker :)

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