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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wedding Dress Giveaway!

Photos courtesy Amanda Borozinski

Yipee! Beth wants to give away her organic, silk strapless wedding gown that she infused with joy during her Memorial Day wedding in Boston.

She says:
My dress has been hanging in the back of my closet since our wedding night, and I've been having a really hard time deciding what to do with it. I don't want to keep it (or rather, feel it's so impractical and wasteful to do so), but also don't just want to sell it. I figured I'd try to find a bride who would put it to good use (and hopefully pass it along too?).

Our wedding was awesome, and we put a ton of thought into how we wanted to kick off our marriage. We were wed at a nonprofit on the banks of the Charles River by my uncle and went totally local with food, drinks, and vendors. We also tried to do all used decor (I collected glass vases and then we bought some flowers from a local farm) and made a gift to the MSPCA's pit-bull adoption program in lieu of favors (we rescued our pitbull, who also walked down the aisle with us).

I would love to give the dress away to someone who's also committed to forgoing the wedding industrial complex in favor of supporting local goods, charities, and sustainability.

It's white natural silk (so in between a bright white and an ivory), draped sweetheart bodice, drop waist (she learned all of those terms while wedding dress shopping...). It also has a short train that she bustled. It was bought as a size 10, but then altered to fit her 4/6 street size, 5'8" inch frame (about 36" hips, 29" waist, 36" bust). The dress was hemmed to 5'10". She wore it with 2.5" shoes. It's yours for the price of shipping!

Enter to win by:
  • Leaving a comment about why you would like this dress. Please include your e-mail address so we can contact you if you are chosen.

We will accept entries until Beth feels like there's a good match. You'll just be responsible for reimbursing Beth for shipping.

Happy Entering!

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Andrea Padilla said...

What a great idea! Maybe I could do the same with mine after my 10-1-2011 wedding!

Tiffany Denberger said...

Hi my name is Tiffany I have just started my wedding adventure. I am 26 and have Fibromyalgia and am restricted to working part-time. I want more than anything to have a vintaged themed wedding with a natural and green feel to it. We want to have the wedding August 13, 2012 as that is the day I was proposed to. Because of our financial restrictions and my desire to do our wedding as organic as possible I am finding that dresses are so very out of our price range. Until this morning when I saw your beautiful dress my heart stopped because it was so perfect. The cut, color and sweetheart bodice made my eyes light up. This opportunity would not only be a huge blessing for us financially but it would provide me with a dress that fits our desire for a vintage but natural wedding. We are hoping to use mostly items that are second hand or promote local businesses. I hope you find the perfect fit for your dress and please know that I applaud your desire to keep your wedding theme going even after your happy day.

Seattle Washington

Mallory said...

I have always loved the idea of blog dress giveaways. I can't think of a better way to pass along the love and beauty of a wedding than to gift the material piece that embodies those things.

I have been struggling with finding a dress that I love in my budget and stumbled across this entry to see your dress which is totally what I'm looking for. Sweetheart neckline... dropped waist... silk... And organic!?!? Oh gosh, that's just icing on the cake. And you measurements are super close to mine!

2000 Dollar Wedding was really the first thing to raise the metaphorical veil from my eyes to see the brainwashing that the WIC imparts on young women. (I actually went back and read all, yes ALL, of the archives) It was a serious awakening for me that centerpieces and favors were in fact, not what made a wedding. It would really come full circle to all be the beneficiary of a dress giveaway here.

My fiance and I are also getting married by my uncle and doing everything we can to minimize waste for the wedding (digital save the dates, postcard invitations, reused centerpiece vases, and more!). As someone who is currently applying to grad schools to focus on corporate sustainability, those aspects are really important to me. I also love that you donated to a pitbull adoption program, I've always been a huge advocate for bully breeds and pet adoption.

I would be honored to wear your dress and pass it along. It seems like it has some serious good wedding karma in it already.

malloryburdick at gmail dot com

Jordan Elizabeth said...

I don't know if you've already given your dress away or not, but I thought I'd go ahead and comment. I'm not engaged, but I like to plan ahead :)

I am a seamstress, and very frugal. I hate synthetic fabrics, and have always dreamed of a silk wedding gown. I wouldn't be able to justify the cost, though. When the time comes I decided I would probably just make a cotton gown, or perhaps linen.

I dislike the commercialism of weddings, and if my family and future groom's family would allow it, I would love to have picnic wedding, or something equally simple and laid back. I love supporting local, particularly small businesses run by families.

If I received your gown, I would take it apart and re-make it into my own style. After that, I would either pass it along, or remake it again into something else (or both!).

Jordan at gnuhaus dot com

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. don't you hate it when you fill something out and then something goes wrong and it doesn't work? Maybe it's for the best. My comment was more like a short bio on my relationship with my fiance. Maybe not appropriate for trying to win the privilege of a beautiful dress.
I will just say that I would love to wear your dress and pay it forward. I have been with my fiance 4 year next month. We both got sober 2 years ago when I got baptized. By Mormon standards we should've been married and popping out babies a long time ago, but I have always done things on my terms. Have you ever prayed for something or made a wish and then somehow things just seemed to work out in your favor?? I'm hoping this will be the time that it does for me (mostly because you're dress is amazing and we are the same size) but also because I've been through so much to get to where I am now... and I hope I've finally earned it.

Renee Stewart

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