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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anniversary Party: The Vision

Matt and I sat down to chat about our big-picture goals for our 5-year Anniversary Party & Reunion. Our hope is that these goals will serve as a foundation for all of the smaller decisions we have to make along the way. Here's what we came up:
  • Fun, fun, fun: First and foremost, we want this event to be fun for ourselves, our friends, and our family (which includes good food and dancing!).
  • Community-oriented: We're having this party to bring together our nearest and dearest. We want to spend quality time with everyone, and we want them to get to know each other. We want to share our new home and our new city with our friends and family (especially those who weren't able to attend our original wedding).
  • Budget-friendly: Although we have more money in our savings account than we did when we were planning our wedding (and buying our first house), we still want to keep it reasonable. It's just a party, after all.
  • Relaxed: For us, this is part of keeping it fun. We have more fun when we're relaxed and casual.
  • Handmade: Doing-it-ourselves is how we feel more connected to the world, it's how we save money, it's how we enjoy spending our free time, and it's how we express our creativity.
  • Eco-friendly: We seek to lessen our impact on the Earth through our choices, and this event is another opportunity to do that.

As important as this step is, it's so much easier to jump into the details. My mind is already brainstorming ideas for the invitations (scratch offs!). But this vision is what it's about. This is the core, the nucleus. These intentions are the compass we will come back to we're trying to decide on a venue or when I want to spend too much money on photostamps. It's not about any of that. It's about community, connection, and fun in a hand-made, eco-friendly, budget-minded way.

Photo courtesy of Cockroach on on Etsy

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1 comment:

Safronia B said...

One part dish soap, two parts metallic acrylic paint, two coats! Now you've got me wanting to make scratch-off somethings, anythings -- which I haven't done since my Girl Scout days.... perhaps a Valentine's Day card for my husband is brewing...?
Good luck with your planning!

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