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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Bane of Budgets

Working within a budget isn't always fun or easy. When Matt and I were working to come in under budget during the wedding planning process, we had to spend a lot of time thinking creatively, making things ourselves, and saying no to things altogether (sorry, photostamps!). Working within a budget forces you to prioritize and compromise.

Although prioritizing and compromising are not always fun or comfortable, the short-term sacrifice is often worth the long-term gain. For example, sticking to our wedding budget instead of dipping into our savings allowed Matt and me to put 20% down on our first house three days after our wedding and allowed us to start our formal partnership without any debt.

Now that we're selling our first house and moving to Austin, we find ourselves once again working within a budget which forces us to prioritize and compromise. We've been struggling to find a rental house within our budget, so we can save up money and build a house in a year or so. We haven't been able to find everything on our "Ideal List", so we've had to focus on what's most important to us. We weren't able to find a house in our budget that had wood floors and an abundance of natural light, but we did score a house on the edge of a park (with a public swimming pool!). If I start to whine when I have to turn on more overhead lights, I'll remind myself that the compromise is worth it.

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