Tying the Knot in a Meaningful and Memorable Way (Without Losing Our Savings or Sanity)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wedding Invitations from Target

Although I heart the internet for making life (and wedding planning) easier in so many ways, I also think it makes wedding planning harder. Looking at image after image of carefully styled (and oftentimes expensive!) wedding details can make you doubt your choices or make you eager to spend more money in order to create a blog-worthy wedding.

I've seen my fair share of gorgeously designed invitations (shall I dare mention letterpress?). But I think we need to carve out space in the indie wedding planning blogosphere to say: Your wedding can still be meaningful and memorable without having an artist design your invitations or creating a studio in your house. In fact, you might make the whole wedding planning process more affordable and sane if you head to Target and buy a box of invitations for your home printer.

And honestly? They're really pretty!

(Of course, if you want to express your creativity by designing your invitations, by all means do it. I'm pondering what to do for Henry's first birthday invitations right now. But don't feel any pressure to live up to the impossible ideal that's being established out there. It's not healthy for your mind or your budget.)

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Unknown said...

I have to keep reciting a mantra of "If they care what the invitation looks like, they probably shouldn't be invited to this wedding." We did have fun with the save-the-dates, using stamps and scrapbook paper, though many came out sloppy, it was such fun the have a craft party. The invitations I designed on Word and am printing on recycled cardstock. I keep getting well meaning questions about how nice it would be to add "texture" or ribbon, or vellum. But I am staying strong. I found beautiful bird images on google image and scoured the web for the perfect font. I am wielding my paper-cutter and nothing more. If you love me, you will love my simple invitations!

Unknown said...

I bought clearance invitations from Michael's that happened to somewhat match my color scheme. Then, since I was inviting over 300 people I had a print shop do the actual printing, and I just had to put them together. I spent less than 50cents an invite. Best decision ever. Who really remembers what invitations look like anyways?

Elizabeth said...

Vistaprint (you know, the free business card people) are also a great source for invitations. They have lots of designs to choose from, and always have promotions...we got two sided invites (we put directions from various airports on the back)and matching envelopes with the return address already printed for 50 cents an invite. We requested RSVPs via email, so the only other thing we had to pay for was stamps!

Anonymous said...

I made my own save-the-date cards and the paper I used was free. I already owned this paper! I just had to buy envelopes.

I'm in the process of making my own wedding invitations. These invitations have cost me very little money. I think I spent around $6.99 for package of 100 sheets of paper. I bought water color paper because I loved the texture on the paper and it was on sale at the art store. I bought two packages of paper. For around $15.00 I got 200 sheets of paper. I also bought lavender paper for the inside of our wedding invitations. I spent around $15.00. Then I had to also buy envelopes and response card envelopes. The response cards I didn't have to buy because I already owned the paper. The total cost for everything is a little over $200.00 That also includes computer ink and stamps too. I know for sure my fiance and I are saving so much money!

I didn't want to buy any store bought invitation kits because I wanted to use my own crafty skills. I wanted to make something unique as well! :)

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