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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finished DIY Pinata!

The pinata is done!

This is another one of those posts that could have gone a lot of different ways. At one point (or more like several points), I almost gave up on the whole idea. I was trying to follow Jordan's directions about making fringed crepe paper. It involved making a big stack of crepe paper, snipping fringe on both sides, opening up the crepe paper, and then folding it in half. The folding in half part made me want to poke my eyeballs out. It looked terribly time-consuming. As I tried to wrangle the crepe paper into submission, all I could think about was all the other things I should be doing (like designing a booklet for the school I'm starting, making business cards, revising the website, etc.). I thought: "Who am I doing this for? No one will even notice if we don't have a pinata."

I decided to abandon the "proper" technique and instead just start wrapping the thing Ace-bandage style. I had flashbacks to wrapping my ankles and wrists in middle school. Why did I have so many injuries that required the use of an Ace bandage? Bizarre.

Anyway, wrapping it with crepe paper was much more efficient (although not perfect by any means). In the end, I took a risk and decided to start cutting fringe into the wrapped layers. I was talking to my mom on the phone, so I didn't even notice that it was a time-consuming process.

Before I started the wrapping process, I made a little trap door and filled the pinata with plastic balls from Henry's ball pit. He loves those balls, and they are lightweight. I think he will be giddy when they fall from the air when he pulls on the right string. As for the string, I attached one to the trap door and several others to the pinata as decoys.

Henry was actually really excited to see the finished pinata when he woke up from his nap. He immediately started pulling on the strings, which was no surprise because pulling on fan cords is one of his top five hobbies....

In the end, I'm proud of myself for creating a pinata for scratch, using only materials we already had at our house. I definitely went through the Stages of a DIY Project (except I never, ever thought, "I'm going to start selling these on Etsy!"). When I start to get insecure about starting a school from scratch, I can give myself this little pep talk: "Hey, you made a pinata from moving boxes. You can do anything."

(It's a little bit delusional, but let's go with it for now, okay?).

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Anonymous said...

I love your project! When I have a child someday, I shall try to make one of those! How cute your turned out!!! :)

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