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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I apologize for not having any cute DIY projects to share on this day devoted to love. Matt and I prefer to invest our time and energy in our anniversary, birthdays, and Christmas (when it comes to presents and heartfelt cards), so around here, Valentine's looks like a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John's. Not very inspiring, I know!

But I do have an interesting article from the New York Times to share, courtesy of long-time kindred spirit, Anna. Here's an excerpt:

"The most important predictor of marital happiness for a woman is not how much she looks up to her husband but how sensitive he is to her emotional cues and how willing he is to share the housework and child-care."
Today on Feeding the Soil: A glimpse into how Matt and I divide chores equitably.

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Meghan said...

we like to focus our energy on birthdays and christmas too. as andrew said last night, we don't need a dedicated day to celebrate our love because we celebrate it everyday. although he did give me a pretty cute card today.

Anonymous said...

We also had a heart-shaped pizza, but from Papa Murphy's. Then we watched I Love You Phillip Morris, a movie about a gay con man from Texas. Very romantic! Haha :) That was a very interesting article though.

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