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Monday, March 12, 2012

Creating New Rituals

Matt and I have had meaningful and memorable experiences with creating our own rituals (like we did for our wedding with the quilt-wrapping and tree planting). When it came time to celebrate our son's first birthday, we wanted to think of something that was simple yet meaningful--something we could implement year after year as Henry reaches each birthday milestone. We wanted a ritual that would make time for us to focus on the "value of being witnesses for one another, celebrating the unfolding of one another's lives as a sacred gift." (from Living Passages for the Whole Family).

Inspired by the Waldorf birthday celebration, I started searching for candle holders. I stumbled upon this simple, beautiful, wooden candle holder on Etsy, and I thought about what we could do with nine spots for candles. And then the idea hit me: We could light a white tealight candle for each year of his life. When he turns 10, we can use a colored tealight candle to signify 10 and then add one white tealight candle every year in the remaining spots until he reaches 18 and the ceremony is complete.

This beautiful 9-hole candle holder could be used for so many things. You could light a candle during your wedding ceremony for the promises you make to your partner or for people you want to remember who cannot join you on your wedding day. If you incorporated it into your ceremony, you could come back to it during your anniversary celebrations. I love the idea of having a tangible object from your wedding that you bring out every year or leave out on a regular basis as a reminder of your formal commitment and love.

Today on Feeding the Soil: We get ready to start toilet training our one year-old.

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Wedding Reception Venue said...

Creating your very own wedding rituals is a great idea because for sure, it is one way to make the event more personal and definitely memorable.

Anonymous said...

I love rituals! For our wedding, I plan on doing a few things that will help me to remember those loved ones in my family who have passed on. I want to display wedding photos from family members who aren't around anymore. I'm going to hang the photos using string or rope. I think that everyone at the wedding will love my idea. It's a great way for family and friends to connect with each other. I believe that photos are a great way to bring back great memories. I can't wait for people to look at the photos and enjoy seeing them. I know in my heart people will love the idea. I also think that my wedding quilt is another great example of creating a new ritual.

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