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Monday, March 26, 2012

My New Banner from BuildASign

I could not be more thankful that BuildASign wants to partner with 2000 Dollar Wedding to exchange products for an advertising slot in the sidebar. It was a no-brainer for me, since I've already used their products personally (paying full price).

Their products will come in particularly handy as I plan a big Earth Day event for the school I'm working to start. The first thing I ordered was a 3' x 8' banner. Their user interface made the process very easy. Although they had templates to choose from, I opted to design my own. I uploaded a photo, positioned it using their tools, added the school's logo, and added some text. I did communicate with a BuildASign representative to ensure that the logo wouldn't get pixelated during the enlargement process (since it was difficult to tell on the preview).

When the box arrived, I was downright giddy. Seeing a bigger-than-life banner with my life's dream on it made the whole thing feel a little more real. I'm just so thankful that sites like BuildASign exist to help DIYers achieve professional results. Honestly, I think one of the reason we were able to sell our house without a realtor and save approximately $7,500 was because we represented ourselves professionally with products from BuildASign.

They have other things like Save-the-Date magnets, business cards, signs, bumper stickers--the list goes on.Link
I look forward to hanging this banner above our booth on Earth Day and feeling like a professional, legitimate school (okay, maybe it doesn't quite feel real yet).

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Anonymous said...

There's already a Magnolia Montessori that makes Montessori books...


Anonymous said...

FYI - Bartering is considered income and must be declared on your taxes, so you might not have to pay money for the service, but you are supposed to pay taxes on it. (I found this out when trying to barter for my wedding.)

Meghan said...

This is exciting! I'm so happy for you!!

cpchristensen said...

Oh, wow. Creating a public Montessori school is my dream! I only wish I were closer to Austin to help you make it happen. I attended a (private) Montessori school from preschool through 8th grade, and I loved it.

I've been enjoying your remarkably-sane-in-a-sea-of-insanity wedding advice as I plan my own wedding this summer, but now that you're embarking on another adventure dear to my heart, I just had to post. Go for it!

- Caitlin
Portland, ME

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