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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tagging Glasses

I wanted to share a simple and inexpensive option for tagging reusable glasses at a party. I simply looped a rubber band through a tag from the office supply store, and voila! The only downside was a slight rubber smell, but the lower you place the rubber bands on the glass, the less you can smell it.


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Catherine said...

I think the rubber smell could also be decreased by "airing out" the rubber bands before using them. Just open the bag ahead of time and spread them out on a tray.

Sarah said...

Another similar idea I've seen - write your name with a Sharpie on the rubber band (or draw shapes or lines or something to ID your rubber band) after it's on the glass. The rubber band also acts as a grip to keep the glass securely in your hand. :)

cheap wedding centerpieces said...

Great idea, simple and cheap too. You can always lessen the rubber band smell by washing them with soap.

Anonymous said...

My dad would always tag his glass with a rubber band when we stayed somewhere for the weekend. He didn't want to loose his glass.

You could do the same idea using left over string around the house, ribbon, etc. Or what I always would do... just rip of a piece of masking tap and write your name on the tape. Luckily, the tape rips off easily!!

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