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Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY: Easy Wedding Centerpieces

I swear this picture does not do this craft justice. You see, Matt, Henry, and I were on our way to visit some new friends (whom we met via this blog!). When they came to our house for dinner, they came bearing a tomato plant (awesomeness!). We decided to return the favor by getting them a little succulent. To cute-ify the plant, I took a thank you card, sprayed some adhesive on both sides of the inside, and folded it shut over a garden stick. I clipped the corners diagonally with scissors, wrote a quote on the front and a note on the back, and voila!

We were running late, so I sprinted into Whole Foods and grabbed the first good looking succulent I could find (which happened to cost only $2.50). I tried to take a picture of the craft in the car (for your viewing enjoyment) but quickly realized that my good camera (a Nikon D60) didn't have its SD card. So I had to iPhone it. Sorry about that.

This craft would look much better if: 1) you saw it in real life 2) you used a smaller thank you card 3) you planted it in a cute pot or covered the plastic pot with some fabric and ribbon 4) took a picture of it using a camera that blurred the background if you're trying to photograph it in a moving car.

It would make such an easier centerpiece (keep them on the smaller side so your guests can chat across the table) or gift for someone who helped to make your wedding happen.

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tina @ wedding favors said...

How about a bonsai plant for a center piece?

Anonymous said...

Cute idea! I have heard people doing this for their wedding. I did have cousin who got married a long ago and she put potted plants at each table for the guest. I thought the idea sounded cute.

You can actually take the potted plant and you could wrap the plastic pot with tissue paper and tie it with really pretty ribbon. Some in my family did that for a party.

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