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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Pop-Up Cards

I had a great time making pop-up invitations for the pop-up dinner party in September. That's the thing about DIY; we should only take on projects that bring us pleasure, not projects that we feel obligated to do to keep up with all the blogs and pinterest images. 

I only had to make four (there will be five couples for a total of 10 people), so it was fine making intricate and elaborate cards (well, intricate and elaborate compared to what I would normally do--hello, Evite). I decided to make trees, since the Farewell to Summer Fiesta Pop-Up Dinner will take place in an enclave of trees.

At first I was thinking about using green and brown paper, but then I committed to using 100% materials I already had. So instead of buying brown and green paper for the tree tops and trunks, I made green and brown paper by ripping it out of magazines and gluing it onto cardstock. I then made a little template for the trees--a very basic circle shape for the top and a classic trunk shape for the bottom. In the end, my free magazine paper looked even cooler than paper I would have bought because it was made from images of trees.

I typed up the outside and inside of the invitation. I found a papel picado clipart image to insert onto the front of the card, but the image was so light that I had to end up coloring in each flag individually. Again, since it was only four cards, it was therapeutic rather than maddening. Since we're trying to live on one income right now (so we can bank my part-time salary), I had to get resourceful

I love the process of planning parties. The build-up and anticipation leading up to the event is so fun for me. I had the best time working on these invitations while hosting friends of ours from Houston. I cut and glued while we talked and laughed. And I cannot wait until we are settled in our new house (in about ten months). It's going to be an awesome set-up for hosting friends.

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Anonymous said...

we were so excited to get ours in the mail! they turned out perfectly :). job well done!
-sarah (& stacy)

Anonymous said...

I used to make pop up cards when I little. I learned how to make them in school. I too love party planning. I feel the same way you do. Right now I'm planning my sisters bridal shower which is this weekend. It's going to be fun since I've made most the decorations and will be making all the food.

-Jodi :)

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