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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crafting Our Own Life Stories

Matt came home from mowing our 1/2-acre of land (the one we're going to build a house on if we can save up enough money) with a cowboy hat full of old golf balls. He wants us to save all the golf balls we find on our land throughout the building process and display them in a vintage golf basket. 

I'm a sucker for history and the idea of story. What a powerful realization that we get to craft the stories of our own lives. 

Matt and I are sacrificing some quality of life right now (read today's post over at Feeding the Soil), but we're doing it so we can craft an even better story for ourselves. We're trying to build the home in which we want to raise our children--with garden beds, an orchard, a pool, chickens, a firepit, rain barrels, and herbs--in a neighborhood where I'm trying to create a school in a town that beckons us to play outside almost year-round.

Now that's a story I can't wait to tell.

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